Easy Google Maps Downloader

Easy Google Maps Downloader 7.17

It can automatically download the Google Maps images to your PC

Easy Google Maps Downloader, as its name states, is a tool which you can use whenever you need to download maps from the popular Google Maps website. It comes as a small program that delivers exactly what it promises. It runs low on system resources consumption and is supported on all Windows versions.

I enjoyed testing this particular program. Although it doesn't include many tools, it does its job extremely well. In order to download a map, just input the coordinates for a specific area on the globe (left longitude, right longitude, left latitude, right latitude). Also, choose the zooming level that you desire, and also the map type (map, satellite, terrain, hybrid. ) Once you click on the Start button, the application will begin to download small parts of that particular map and save them as PNG files. It should be mentioned that the downloading process takes a while, especially if you are downloading the map of a large region. Also, I didn't like that this utility doesn't come with many settings. The only thing you are allowed to change is the folder where the map will be saved.

Once the downloading process is finished, you can use the integrated Map Viewer to view the downloaded map. Additionally, you can combine all the PNG files into one single bitmap image.

I think Easy Google Maps Downloader is a handy tool for downloading maps, and will serve to various purposes.

Margie Smeer
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  • Includes a map viewer
  • It allows you to combine maps
  • Includes a coordinate converter


  • The downloading process takes a while
  • No settings available
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